Manage Broker Commissions

Manage Broker Commissions

incito - manage comissions picManaging commissions in Capital Market firms has never been easier thanks to the specialized design of the BOS platform.

All commissions earned, paid, and sent through your company are automatically tracked and calculated according to the set specifications and payout structure – you can even integrate tiered payout structures based on different trade agreements. Commissions through CSA/Soft$ and CMTA agreements can also be easily integrated into your account statements and payout structure.

Commission Payout reports and account statements are some of the tools within the BOS system that allows you to view and easily keep track of who is earning what, while making sure the proper payout structure is followed.

Not just Managers but Brokers can also easily keep track of their earnings progress throughout the month. Detailed statements can also be provided to show exactly how the broker is compensated for each trade.

  • The main benefits provided by the BOS platform include:
  • Integrating multiple payout structures into one system regardless of complexity.
  • Producing detailed payout statements that clearly show how commissions are calculated.
  • Including CSA and Soft$ agreements into your commission payout structure.

Important Notes

  • BOS can be adapted to suit your exact payout authorization procedures and compensation structure. Every company is unique, and therefore we have made sure to account for even the most complex payout structures (including tiered payout structures).
  • Commission rates and payout rules can be adjusted at any time by authorized personnel within your firm. Different rates and rules can be assigned on both the individual and group level as needed.
  • You can configure multiple payout structures to account for different asset types and different trading agreements. These are automatically calculated using the same integrated approach.


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