Manage CSA/Soft$ and CMTA

incito - manage csa picThe complexity of managing Commission Sharing Agreements (CSA), Soft Dollar Arrangements (Soft$) and Clearing Member Trade Agreements (CMTA) is typically an expensive and time consuming process for Capital Market Firms. Or at least they used to be.

Our Back Office Support Solution’s (BOSS) flexible architecture allows for seamless integration and streamlining of CSA, Soft$ and CMTA into the system. BOS’s calculation engine automatically processes these activities as they flow through your company allowing you to handle complex CSA, Soft Dollar and CMTA agreements with ease.

Having the capacity to manage CSA, Soft$ and CMTA trading means you can now easily see where (and with whom) agreements have been made and how commissions will be split among participants. Any revenues generated by such agreements are automatically added to your overall sales figures, but can also be viewed, controlled and tracked separately.

BOSS allows you to:

  • Generate CMTA invoices with reported CMTAs
  • Flexibility to view and isolate CSAs at the execution level
  • Reports of all costs, charges and fees associated with your CSA activities
  • Manage Soft Dollar credits at the trade level
  • Manage vendor payments through the Soft Dollar module
  • Reports of all earnings associated with these complex trading activities