Track Trades & Control P&L

incito - manage comissions picBOSS lets you easily keep track of all trades and trading agreements executed by your Capital Market Firm. BOSS provides a unified platform that seamlessly integrates all trading activity to your database from the relevant marketplace, clearing firm or custodian.

The BOSS calculation engine automatically evaluates trade attributes as soon as new data is imported at the close of trading or manually input to the system. It calculates all costs, both variable and fixed, that are associated with a trade and provides a comprehensive set of reports that helps firms analyze expenses and revenue. It also helps you to gain insight on factors that affect daily performance and profitability.

In short – the built-in features of BOSS lets you easily analyze where all the money is coming from and where it is going (including to whom). This enables you to quickly make the right decision about where to focus your efforts and/or reallocate capital as needed.

BOSS lets you more easily control profit and loss in your Capital Market Firm. This is because you can:

  • See all trading activity running through your company.
  • See all relevant costs, charges and fees associated with your trading activities.
  • Easily integrate all complex trading agreements such as Soft$ and CMTA.
  • Attain reports of all earnings associated with your trading activities.
  • Compare any data set with other historical data sets to evaluate performance.
  • Easily sort and filter your data to find your most and least profitable activities.
  • Use the flexible reporting features to show how money is being allocated in your activities.