About Us

Back Office Support System (BOSS) is a comprehensive solution specifically designed to assist managers and accounting operations in managing post-trade activities. The team at BOSS strives for a mutually beneficial relationship, serving the needs and requirements of the customer, so they are in complete control of the outcomes. As a growing firm, our focus is to provide clients with the best solution and expertise in the market place.

We teamed up with one of our capital market clients to identify challenges they faced managing the their back office processes. To help arm the client to take on those challenges, we came up with many innovative ways to simplify rather complex processes. We built the platform from ground up for extensibility and customizability, which will allow any Capital Market Firm in the market make use of our platform to streamline their back-offices processes.

Our solution can scale to any kind of securities trading scenarios, in whatever volume you actively trade, regardless of the number of brokers, clearing firms and custodians you are using. We are also one of the first vendors to offer built-in CSA, Soft$ and CMTA trading and commissions management.

For more information and to explore how BOSS can help you, please contact us today. Our solutions are always uniquely tailored for your precise operating environment.

BOSS is designed and maintained by Incito Technologies. A New York based IT services provider highly experienced in application development, database / data warehouse design and project management.