Control, Manage, and Optimize
your capital trades.

The BOS platform helps Capital Market firms:

  • Track every penny traded through the company
  • Keep managers informed of all trading activity
  • Assess and reward your best traders
  • Easily find the most and least profitable activities
  • Manage complex trading agreements more easily
  • Enable total control of all your trading processes
  • Manage complex tiered payout with ease

magnifyWe have tailored our BOSS (Back Office Support Solution) platform to suit the unique needs of Capital Market Firms. BOSS is a highly secure and scalable software package that works equally well with small or large-scale securities traders. The built-in features of BOSS let you easily analyze where all the money is coming from and where it is going (including to whom). This enables you to quickly make the right decisions about where to focus your efforts and/or reallocate capital as needed.

Learn more about BOSS’s customizable Reporting Features in this quick video.

calculatorIn terms of payouts, the BOSS platform allows you to view and easily keep track of who is earning what, while making sure the proper payout structure is followed. Not just Managers but Brokers can also easily keep track of their earnings progress throughout the month. Detailed statements can also be provided to show exactly how the broker is compensated for each trade…. more

 Learn more about BOSS’s Broker Payout Features in this quick video.

gears2BOSS lets you keep track of all commissions earned, paid, and sent through your company. Simple or tiered payout agreements, multi-step rules and Soft$ agreements are all seamlessly integrated within a Broker or an Account’s payout structure… more

For a quick video demo of BOSS’s customizable Payout Rules Engine, click here

money-cycleCommission Sharing Agreement or Soft Dollar Management is one of the essential tools that provide Broker Dealers with competitive edge in the market place. The complexity of managing CSA and Soft$ Agreements… more

For a quick video demo of our Soft$ Payout management, click here

tvThe BOSS solution can scale to any kind of securities trading scenarios, in whatever volume you actively trade, regardless of the number of brokers, clearing firms and custodians you are using. We are also one of the first vendors to offer built-in CSA, Soft$ and CMTA trading and commissions management.

To learn more about BOSS’s features and capabilities, watch our series of quick video demos here.

The videos cover:

  • Ease of Reporting
  • Broker Payouts
  • Contract Exceptions
  • Ease of Billing & CMTA
  • Soft$
  • Execution & Clearing Charges

laptopOne of the biggest challenges for Capital Market Firms today is the inefficiency of their back office management system.  The majority of firms still rely on Excel spreadsheets for this task, which requires hours of manual labor to maintain is therefore prone to human error. While there are some in-house solutions available to help automate this process, most do not allow for customization or real-time, global visibility.

We believe the best way for Capital Market Firms to address the issue of back-office inefficiency is with a customizable, automated and web-based solution, which is delivered as a service.  Using a Saas-based (software as a service) solution can help companies streamline and integrate…read the article here.